Research Professionals

The websites below provides research, statistics, policy and regulations on gambling in Victoria, Australia and information from other organisations worldwide that are leading the way in gambling intervention, treatment and prevention measures.

Gambling Research Australia

GRA is an initiative of the Ministerial Council on Gambling, which consists of the Ministers responsible for gambling in each State and Territory Government and the Australian Government. The Council aims to minimise the consequences of problem gambling by exchanging information on responsible gambling measures.

Victorian Commission for Gambling Regulation

The VCGR is the statutory authority in charge of regulating Victoria’s gambling industry. It regulates all forms of legalised gambling in the State and publishes research and statistical data, information on responsible gambling, legislation and standards for the industry on its website.

Department of Justice, Victoria, Office, of Gambling and Racing

The Victorian Government commissions a wide-ranging series of research reports that provide a deeper understanding of the dimensions of gambling and problem gambling.

Problem Gambling Institute of Ontario (PGIO)

The Problem Gambling Institute of Ontario brings treatment professionals, researchers and experts together to share their knowledge. Its focus is on collaboratively developing, modelling and sharing evidence-based solutions to gambling related problems, within Ontario and around the world.

Research Professionals

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