Victorian Gambling Study Wave 3 interviews done and dusted

Over 5,500 interviews were carried out by researchers for Wave 3 of the Victorian Gambling Study between October 2010 and late January 2011.

This three-year longitudinal study (which follows the same group of people over time) began in 2008 and explores gambling in Victoria, Australia, from a community and public health viewpoint.

In total 5,618 people were interviewed using a computer aided telephone interviewing system and of that total 4,154 people have taken part in all three waves of the study carried out to date.

More than 1,100 participants who took part in the 2008 baseline study agreed to be interviewed again for Wave 3 also. This was great news as the more people who participate, the more accurate the picture that will be revealed about Victorians’ health and gambling.

Findings from the study will help with the design of possible intervention, prevention and treatment options for people who have a problem with their gambling.

Now, the focus for our principal research team will be the task of analysing all the data.

Thank you to everyone who agreed to be interviewed. Some participants may be contacted in the future to take part in a qualitative research project (which involves comparisons of data based on qualities) looking at gambling, recreation and health.

But remember, if we can’t reach you we can’t survey you and we can’t put someone else in your place. Please tell us about changes to your contact details via the Update your details form on this website’s homepage.

If you have any concerns or complaints about this study, you can email the Research Team at [email protected] or call the Study Information Line on (03) 8682 8698.