Study reveals risks that might lead to problem gambling July 2012

Wave Three of the Victorian Gambling Study has found that being educated to Year 10 or lower, being dependent on alcohol and reporting anxiety puts adults at greater risk of becoming problem gamblers.

The third wave of the three-year longitudinal study - now managed by recently established statutory authority the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation - surveyed people in Victoria, Australia who gamble andnon-gamblers from December 2010 to January 2011.

Other risk factors include speaking a language other than English, having a history of gambling problems and being obese.

The research revealed that only one factor acted as protection against the development of problem gambling – being female.

The Victorian Gambling Study is one of only three longitudinal studies on problem gambling in the world at a general population level. It follows the same group of Victorian adults over a three-year period (2009-2012) exploring their health and gambling with the aim of developing prevention and early intervention options for problem gamblers.

The Victorian Gambling Study - A Longitudinal Study of Gambling and Public Health,Wave Three Findings also revealed that six per cent of participants increased their risk category from Wave Two to Wave Three, moving into the low, moderate or problem gambling categories.

Meanwhile almost five per cent of participants decreased their risk status by moving away from the low, moderate or problem gambling categories.

The most stable risk categories - those in which participants did not move risk categories from Wave Two to Three - were non-problem (86 per cent) and problem gambling (69 per cent).

The research also predicted that the likelihood of male problem gamblers ceasing being problem gamblers from Wave One to Wave Three was zero, whilst female problem gamblers had a two per cent probability of ceasing problem gambling.

Over three years, most problem gamblers were likely to remain problem gamblers.

The full report will be available on the Study Results page of this website, soon.

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