Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation up and running

July 1st saw the birth of the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation, a new statutory authority that now manages the Victorian Gambling Study.

The Foundation aims to reduce the total number of cases in the general population of problem gambling and to help those who choose to gamble, to do so responsibly.

It provides problem gambling counselling services, runs community education and information campaigns to support responsible gambling and commissions research into gambling and problem gambling.

The Foundation’s website provides a wealth of information on research, gambling help services and community education and the Foundation’s office will, in time, provide a public resource - the Gambling Information Resource Office (GIRO).

Members of the public will be able to use the GIRO to find out about gambling help, other gambling services and information on the latest gambling research.

Over the coming weeks and months, exciting findings from Waves Three and Four of the study - as well as findings from a qualitative component of the study, which features information from anonymous, one-on-one interviews with gamblers - will be published.

Learn more about the Foundation at