CALD & non-CALD communities receive same media info on gambling

An exploration of the different media used by Australia’s Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) population reveals that there are very few articles on gambling in such media.

While there are no discernible differences in reporting on gambling across CALD and non-CALD media, the research team concludes the reports found across both populations’ media are the same. This suggests that there is community consensus about gambling.

The report, Representations of Gambling in English and non English speaking Australian Media, reveals that it is likely that CALD and non-CALD populations receive the same information on gambling via the media.

The University of South Australia study attempts to examine CALD notions of gambling by analysing what is reported in media used within this population and whether there are any culturally‐specific differences in these reports.

This was done with a view to exploring whether there was any use in developing alternative media representations in CALD communities that would help interventions on problem gambling.

Research was gathered from newspapers written in English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Arabic and Italian over three months (for English, Italian and Vietnamese papers) to two years (for Chinese and Arabic media).

The research was carried out by Dr Gabrielle Every and was published by Gambling Research Australia in December 2010.