GRA commissions pokies and problem gambler identification studies

Gambling Research Australia (GRA) has recently commissioned two gambling studies.

A national, two-year study to evaluate the role of pokie jackpots in gambling behaviour was awarded to Central Queensland University, Queensland.

The study will consider whether jackpots and linked jackpots increase the likelihood of risky gambling behaviour, gambling related harm and to what extent jackpots enhance player behaviour.

The study scope includes:

  • a literature review of the effects of pokie jackpots on player behaviour
  • a survey of problem and non-problem pokie gamblers
  • a review of the full array of jackpots operating in clubs and pubs
  • a survey of game play preferences of linked jackpots with varied line play selections.

The study is scheduled for completion in October 2013.

The second study has been commissioned from Swinburne University of Technology – Victoria. This two year study aims to validate pointers from a previous GRA project that allows the identification of problem gambler in venues.

Prior GRA research has concluded that within venues, identification of problem gamblers is possible through observation and a checklist of indicators.  The commissioned study seeks validation of the indicators and a rating of the indicators in terms of their strength in contributing to the identification of problem gamblers in venues.

The study is scheduled for completion in November 2013.

GRA is a partnership between the Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments to initiate and manage a national gambling research program.