Baseline Study

The Victorian Gambling Study is a continuation (or Wave 2) of a previous epidemiological research project on problem gambling. Epidemiology is the branch of medical science that deals with the study of the causes, spread, and control of disease in populations.

The epidemiological research project is the largest ever research project on gambling undertaken in Victoria, Australia. A representative sample of 15,000 Victorian adults were surveyed for the research, using Computer Aided Telphone interviewing, between August 2008 and October 2008.

The project examined the distribution of gambling behaviour in the State and looked at the health and well-being of people who gamble in an effort to understand what leads some people to gamble heavily.

The findings serve as the baseline for the Victorian Gambling Study and can be found in the factsheets for the baseline report, A Study of Gambling in Victoria: Problem Gambling from a Public Health Perspective, published in September 2009.

Fact Sheet 1 - Background and Methodology (PDF 71KB) - 1 page
Fact Sheet 2 - Measures and Definitions (PDF 117KB) - 2 pages
Fact Sheet 3 - Prevalence of Problem Gambling (PDF 64KB) - 2 pages
Fact Sheet 4 - Prevalence, Age and Gender (PDF 209KB) - 4 pages
Fact Sheet 5 - Participation in Gambling Activities (PDF 168KB) - 3 pages
Fact Sheet 6 - Demographic Profile of Gamblers (PDF 479KB) - 10 pages
Fact Sheet 7 - Wagering (PDF 254KB) - 5 pages
Fact Sheet 8 - Electronic Gaming Machines (PDF 257KB) - 5 pages
Fact Sheet 9 - Effect of Life Events (PDF 122KB) - 2 pages
Fact Sheet 10 - Gambling and Substance Abuse (PDF 217KB) - 4 pages
Fact Sheet 11 - Health and Well-being (PDF 163KB) - 3 pages
Fact Sheet 12 - Regional Gambling (PDF 112KB) - 2 pages
Fact Sheet 13 - Problem Gamblers (PDF 171KB) - 3 pages
Fact Sheet 14 - Readiness to Change Gambling Behaviour (PDF 116KB) - 2 pages
Fact Sheet 15 - Help Seeking Behaviour (PDF 76KB) - 1 page
Fact Sheet 16 - Moderate Risk Gamblers (PDF 163KB) - 3 pages